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Fitness Vitamin Pack

Our fitness supplement health pack will support your everyday activities whether you workout at home, the gym or outdoors (1 month supply).


Enhance your work out with this fitness boost health pack, specially tailored to support your everyday activities whether you work out at home, the gym or outdoors.

Our vitamin boxes can be purchased as a subscription or a one off and can help you get started on the road to healing your body from symptoms you’re having and give your health a boost. 

What's in this box?

  • Acidophilus Pre- and Probiotic Supplements

    Improve your digestive health with our probiotic supplements. They're packed full of healthy bacteria that are already found in your digestive system and can be easily incorporated into your diet to help you stay feeling great.

  • Co-enzyme Q10 30 Capsules

    Co-enzymes help enzymes to digest food and perform other body processes, and protect the heart and skeletal muscles - perfect for active people.

  • Ginkgo Biloba 30 Tablets

    Ginkgo Biloba has been used for thousands of years to improve brain function and protect nerves, heart muscle and blood vessels from damage.

  • Glucosamine

    Glucosamine is great for active people, protecting your joints by keeping them supple and strong.

  • Vitamin B-Complex (Yeast Free for Immune Support) 30 Tablets

    Made up of the eight B vitamins, B complex keeps your body running like a well-oiled machine, giving more power to your food and keeping you energised throughout the day.

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