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About Us

What is Foods You Can?

Foods You Can was founded by Bunmi Scott to empower you to take control of your health.

We sell a wide range of health tests, food boxes, and vitamin and mineral packs so you have the freedom to find out what your body really needs and improve your well-being.

About Bunmi Scott

Bunmi Scott lives in Yorkshire with her husband and two children.

Bunmi suffers from a rare autoimmune called Neuromyelitis Optica as well as this, after many years of feeling unwell with other symptoms such as fatigue, sleeplessness, bloating and swelling, Bunmi turned her life around after she initially discovered food intolerance testing and from there other health tests.

Her journey of discovery led her to find out what was causing her many health issues, and she was able to overcome and manage many of these problems by making food choices fuelled by knowledge and positivity.

Bunmi's mission is to help other people make informed choices about the foods they eat, and gain greater harmony through understanding the impact nutrition has on mind, body and soul.

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